Should I Worry If My Knees Crackle and Pop When I Squat?

There are certain sounds you expect to hear during a workout: heavy breathing, weights clinking on the rack, and the catchy melodies of a pump-up playlist. One that may very understandably catch you off guard? The cracking or popping in

Kayne Collins 15 Min Read

Learning to Swim as an Adult Feels Like Coming Home

I was the kid “adult swim” was invented for (or, honestly, to protect against). By five, I was a capable little swimmer, and once I had my coveted passport to freedom—the green wristband awarded upon passing the deep end test—I

Kayne Collins 18 Min Read

Fast Food Shake Hack

March 1, 2024 | BY: BODi March 1, 2024 BODi There are few treats as comforting as a milkshake — but also few that are as calorically dense. Sure, healthy eating is all about balance, but when a shake from

Pat Crawley 3 Min Read

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Get Gains With Greens: 7 Vegetables High in Protein

When most people think of plant-based protein, they picture vegan protein powders, nuts, beans,

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